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We strive to provide the most efficient digital payment systems, whilst further improving the environmental friendliness of our payment solutions and services.

Smart innovation for sustainable payments

The role of Castles Technology is not only to provide reliable payment devices, solutions, and services but also to offer a range of smart solutions to a payment world in profound transformation.

Castles is in an excellent position to shape tomorrow’s payments: secure, sustainable and efficient!

Kevin Hsin, Chairman

Our commitments for sustainable solutions

Environmental and social challenges are integrated in our strategies and processes. To bring added value to our customers and other stakeholders, the environmental performance of our solutions is managed in a proactive and continuous improvement way.

This approach applies to all of our products and solutions. We aspire to embed it in our R&D and project engineering processes.

Our security and quality processes detail our commitment to ensure conformity with requirements and customer satisfaction. 

We ensure we improve the environmental performance of products by targeting:

  • Material efficiencies;
  • Use of environmentally-friendly, recycled, and recyclable materials;
  • Circular economies.

The product and service innovation and development processes include setting of relevant environmental targets to develop green solutions. Periodical progress reviews ensure compliance with legal requirements and market expectations. The collaboration with suppliers and authorities is aligned to meet our environmental targets.

We care for our people and our planet

​Castles is committed to protect employees, customers and society as a whole whilst preserving the environment.

Our people are the foundation of our success. Our human resource pillars ensure that we continue to attract, nurture and retain a talented and diverse workforce, whilst maintaining a strong culture of ethics, diversity and innovation

A culture of integrity

​As a major payment leader evolving in a challenging environment, Castles has always placed integrity, reliability and responsibility at the heart of its actions and values.​ This commitment is underpinned and driven by a strong culture of ethics and compliance and the initiatives that stem from it.

Whether with suppliers, customers, partners, or employees, Castles fosters long-term relationships based on transparency, integrity, and loyalty. Castles’ reputation can only be built by continuously strengthening ethical rules and procedures.

Governance & Compliance

Our business is built on trust, so it’s critical that we conduct our activities with honesty and integrity, comply with best practices and meet the highest standards of corporate governance. To ensure we meet these objectives, we have established a number of codes and charters which underpin our management practices and professional standards.

View our Supplier Code of Conduct for additional information.