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Join Castles Technology on a transformative journey as we pioneer a brighter payment future. Together, we can achieve remarkable feats, blending cutting-edge payment technology with the power of the human spirit. Castles is not just a workplace; it’s a dynamic space where innovation thrives. Join us in shaping the future of payments and fostering a workplace that inspires excellence.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe in creativity and innovation and that a fundamental requirement for a successful and happy company is having the right mix of individuals. With the right people in the right environment, anything is possible.

As an employer, we’re dedicated to making sure that everyone can thrive within our team by welcoming and supporting people of all ages, races, colors, beliefs, sexual orientations, genders and circumstances.

Think you have what it takes? If you have the skills and passion to hit the ground running at Castles Technology, we would love to hear from you.

International Women’s Day 

Let’s accelerate progress. At Castles Technology, we’re committed to fostering gender equity in the workforce. As we celebrate
Lara Pletcher- HR Director for EMEA at Castles Technology

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What Jobs do we have available?

Sales Director


Sales Director


Senior Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager-Sales


Operations Specialist

Milan, Italy

Sales Manager Benelux


Life at Castles

Employee Appreciation Day

Come along and discover how we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with lots of fun and enthusiasm throughout the EMEA region.