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Castles Technology brings UPT1000 to the US

The UPT1000 is an all-in-one payment solution that will enhance self-service environments.

Castles Technology has introduced its latest offering in the unattended payments space in the United States. The UPT1000 is an all-in-one payment solution that will enhance self-service environments like automated retail kiosks, transportation, vending, parking and hospitality with expanded payment capabilities.

The UPT1000 offers customers an extremely secure, flexible and future-proof unattended payment terminal that meets the latest EMV and PCI security standards. It is certified to First Data’s Nashville platform via Code and Go, Castles’ semi-integrated direct-to-host solution. This allows customers the greatest application management flexibility without extensive or troublesome certification requirements. Additional processor certifications are expected later this year.

The UPT1000 features a magstripe, chip and contactless reader that supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. It comes in two versions – a 2.4” color display with a physical keypad and a 3.5” capacitive color touchscreen that supports advertising, the display of nutritional information, video, multi-order and more to improve customer engagement. It supports 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet and iBeacon communication options. Its remote software update capability ensures the latest software upgrades at all times.

“We are very excited about the opportunities the U1 product will bring to our customers,” says Winston Fong, Chief Strategy Officer. “By providing expanded payment options in one simple device, we’ll be giving consumers a better experience and saving operators thousands on operational expenses.”

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