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Code and Go™ receives first Data Omaha EMV Certification

Code and Go™ received EMV credit certification on the First Data Omaha platform.

Castles Technology International Corp. announced today that its semi-integrated and stand-alone EMV application, Code and Go™, received EMV credit certification on the First Data Omaha platform.

“This certification is a big win for Castles,” said Chief Executive Officer Winston Fong. “Code and Go™ is an opportunity for First Data ISOs and ISVs to market a fresh and innovative EMV solution to merchants, all while providing themselves with a new revenue stream.”

Code and Go™ is an easy to use solution that allows quick EMV integration into any business application. Thanks to the lightweight, yet powerful, Lua programming language — the same language used to develop the popular mobile game, Angry Birds — a few lines of code are all that is needed to get up and running with a secure payment solution.

Application developers can also incorporate EMV into their smartphone or PC application without prior payment experience or the expense associated with EMV and PA-DSS certifications.

Some of the value provided by Code and Go™ includes:

Removing payment solutions from broader PCI-DSS scope
Requiring no additional EMV certifications or audits
Compatibility with iOS, Android or PC business applications
Integration with CTIO™, Castles’ asset management system
Code and GoTM can be deployed in a retail or restaurant environment using any of Castles’ innovative and versatile attended payment devices, including the VEGA3000 and MP200.

Castles’ suite of world-class devices empowers customers and streamlines business operations in various vertical markets by providing features like:

Mag-stripe, chip card and contactless payment acceptance
EMV Level 1 and Level 2
Wi-Fi, USB, cellular (4G/LTE) and Bluetooth connectivity options
Color screens with optional touch capability for signature-capture

For all inquiries related to Code and Go™, please email [email protected] or call 470-273-6350.

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