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Paris highlights merchant challenges and opportunities

Themes reflected the growing complexity of selling in an increasingly connected world.

Paris Retail Week was an event to remember not just for its size and scale but also because it is the only trade event that focuses on the full spectrum of challenges facing today’s retailers.

From the metaverse and ecosystems to data and logistics, this year’s themes reflected the growing complexity of selling in an increasingly connected world.

Visitors to our stand were eager to explore how POS innovation could help them tackle ongoing challenges as they embrace ever changing and evolving customer and business needs – especially as operational pressures and costs rise.

Bricks-and-mortar retailers were seeking new ways to compete with e-commerce and the digital economy, by increasing the value of the in-store experience. Meanwhile, omni-channel retailers were looking to better to integrate instore and online experiences with more interactive and connected touchpoints in store – such as kiosks, self-serve and hybrid-services click and collect.

Tangible returns

During discussions, it was clear that the escalating cost of doing business was a major concern across the industry. Merchants want to invest in tech that lets them do more but have to be sure it will deliver ROI in increasingly shorter time frames. For them Castles’ combination of world class technology, outstanding value and local support really stood out.

They were particularly excited by the latest android devices – like our newly launched Android MiniPOS S1Mini and also our EV Charger / Outdoor and Vending Unattended Android S1UMini. How they will help them do more with data, create more interactive and value-rich experiences and drive additional revenue and loyalty. They also wanted to explore how cloud-based estate management CASHUB could help make their lives easier, by ensuring better compliance, smoother operations and higher reliability and up time.

Closing the knowledge gap

Given the lack of trade events during the COVID years, attendees were hungry to engage, gather and share information. This drive and energy came over loud and clear in the conference sessions – especially in the three hosted by our Castles experts.

These helped to answer many of the questions relating to getting more out of POS, creating better experiences and more efficient practices and systems. They also helped to highlight that, for many applications, next generation POS solutions are key to building strategic sales success.

For our team, Paris Retail Week was more than just an industry event, it was a way to celebrate our own journey. To demonstrate how far we’ve come in terms of tech leadership, our increased commitment in Europe and localised support and to acknowledge the many successes of our clients and partners along the way.

If you missed us, or couldn’t attend, you can find out more about our new solutions and services here.

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