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An innovative , powerful and scalable cloud-based platform for managing contemporary and heritage payment terminal estates.

Castles’ Smart Technology Hub

CasHUB cloud service goes beyond a TMS system. It provides an agnostic platform that manage payment terminals remotely, offers security key management, establishing your own App store ecosystem, and analyzes business data. It supports any payment devices, and can be implemented efficiently to meet your specific requirements, whether SaaS, API-based.

Key Benefits

One platform to simply your complex payment needs;

Unified platform tailored for multiple stakeholders;

Incorporate microservices seamless into your platform through API integration;

Continuously innovating new services to facilitate your business.

Terminal Estate Management

An integrated end to end operation management solution

Real-time visibility into the terminal operational health and utilization

The diagnostic function of CasHUB regularly tracks the terminal status, encompassing application, system and setting information. System operators will receive event notifications, whenever an abnormal situation occurs.

Maximize estate operation availability

Gain remote access to terminals with permission from CasHUB POSGuard, efficiently resolving terminal operation issues, reducing travel costs, and enhancing service quality. This capability supports 24/7 merchant operations with minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

Role based management architecture for multiple stakeholders

CasHUB is built on a role-based architecture, enabling effective data independence. The estate owner can assign specific roles – Enterprise and Merchant- each responsible for distinct tasks and functionalities within the system.

Manage your own app store for merchants

Utilize CasHUB MulTiMS to support Android and Linux applications, empowering you to provide customized solutions to meet merchant needs. The management role can publish verified applications, ensuring a streamlined and controlled deployment of applications.

Utilize business intelligence for real-time business outcome management

The merchant can review transaction records through CasHUB Tradeye to investigate transaction results, allowing them to adjust their sales strategy accordingly.

Loyalty program for payment terminals

The CasHUB Redemption application, accessible on both attended and unattended terminals, seamlessly links to the loyalty backend. It facilitates the delivery of promotional programs with coupons to reward customer consumption behavior within the merchant’s ecosystem.

Publish advertisements Content through Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS embedded in CasHUB publish and manage advertisements content through the software application installed in the devices. This empowers users to create, edit, schedule, and publish digital content onto the terminals.

Remote Key Injection

Castles RKI is is a secure method of remotely installing encryption keys into payment terminals. This process ensures enhanced security while eliminating the need for physical access to each terminal to reduced operational cost.

Want to know more about CasHUB?

Increase productivity, improve asset control and management, and enhance customer experience using CasHUB from Castles Technology, our highly capable and secure estate management system.