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VEGA3000 Series receives PagoBANCOMAT certification

Castles Vega3000 countertop devices, has received the PagoBANCOMAT certification.

Castles Technology Europe has announced that it has received the PagoBANCOMAT certification for the Castles VEGA3000 series terminals. Castles Technology Europe S.r.l , headquartered in Milan, and having offices in Rome, Turin and Madrid, has been growing rapidly in Europe offers complete solutions, from EFTPOS terminals, unattended terminals integrating value added services and management transactions services.

The European team is working to create strategic partnership in order to provide to the customers complete and innovative solutions, in accordance to the international security standard for MasterCard and Visa payment schemes and also for the domestic schemes.

Castles’ Vega3000 countertop device, has received the PagoBANCOMAT certification (PM-301010-16-000019), in compliance with the most recent national security standards for the Italian market. Thanks to the unique platform of the Vega3000 series, it is simple to create new SW applications and adapt them to the different models like the countertop, portable, PIN pad, mobile POS MP200 and the unattended Mars1000 all-in-one.

“Consorzio Bancomat certification represents a very important step to develop our solution in the Italian market We are already working to extend the certification to all other models to provide plug and play solutions, simplify merchants’ activity and satisfy their needs.”, said Filippo Scibilia, Castles Technology Europe CEO and Managing Director.

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