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5 things to look for in a POS provider.

Choose reliable, innovative, flexible, advanced POS solutions.

It takes more than great tech to keep your checkouts running smoothly. Behind every POS device, there’s a solutions partner that can help make or break your sales business. So what should merchants look for when setting up, upgrading or expanding their physical POS estates?

Here are our top 5 pointers for choosing a perfect POS partner:

  1. Reputation and experience
    E-payments are booming. With most merchants now able to accept card and digital payments, the global point of sale market is expected to grow from USD 33.41 billion in 2024 to USD 110.22 billion by 2032. Many new POS hardware players are entering the market, eager to grab a slice of the opportunity. But beware of start-ups that make supply, integration and support promises they can’t keep. When it comes to reliable delivery, a successful track record really does pay. At Castles, there’s over 30 years of expertise behind every device so you can always count on us.
  2. Quality and value
    Your needs are constantly changing so opt for a supplier that can keep up. Look for a broad range of locally certified solutions that are proven in field and recognized for their innovation. Remember cutting-edge technology doesn’t have to come at a cost. Make sure you’re getting the best value for money and not paying over the odds for more functionality than you need. Android POS are a great way of optimizing checkouts with advance features, without breaking the bank.
  3. Merchant support
    Even the best POS devices sometimes need maintenance and care. Make sure your sales estates have the back-up they need to stay up-to-date and trouble free with a partner that offers dedicated technical centres and support teams as well as the tools you need to monitor devices remotely. Having access to 24/7 helplines with experts that talk in your local language is important – even more so if you’re operating internationally and across multiple time zones.
  4. Collaborative approach
    It’s easy to get locked into proprietary solutions that leave you no scope to adapt and respond to new opportunities, behaviours and tech-developments. To help keep your options open, look for solutions providers that offer agnostic POS products and platforms, with easy access to ecosystems and third-party integrations that can add value to sales points and operations. Our CasHub platform provides a cloud-based marketplace for business support, and remote customization.
  5. Success boosters
    Today’s POS devices have the potential to drive front and back-office functions – providing data, software, tokenization that help unify operations like stock control, CRM and hybrid services (e.g. BOPIS and click and collect) seamlessly. Before you take the plunge, be sure to demo their functionality and check for easy interfaces, comprehensive reporting tools, customizable dashboards, and ability to provide remote maintenance, automated updates, and trouble-free compliance.

Make the best choice for your business

With the race on to be more cost and choice competitive and to deliver consistent and seamless sales experiences, merchants are looking beyond technical and product innovation to determine the best solutions partners for their business. Make sure you take time to find a partner whose capabilities match your ambitions and that can help you grow and thrive long-term.

At Castles Technology, we take pride in delivering world-leading solutions and outstanding support. Our experts are always on hand to help solve your challenges and keep your sales points running smoothly – no matter how big or small your retail business.

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