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Getting to grips with Android POS

8 considerations to help merchants select the right mobile checkout solution

Retailers are switching onto the power of mobile POS. They are fast becoming the new mainstay for all types of sales environments – from fashion and hospitality to white goods and homeware. In fact 44% of retailers now put mobile POS implementation/enhancement as a top POS priority.

Among the most popular options are Android-based POS devices. In 2023 the global Android POS Market was valued at 11.78 billion and is expected to reach USD 92.47 billion by 2031, a CAGR of 29.4% (2024-2031).

The new norm for modern retailing

Android POS devices are ultra-flexible, highly scalable and affordable. Cost effective and easy to customise, they have a friendly interface that requires minimal training- making them perfect for today’s busy stores and mobile-savvy customers and staff.

More than a mobile transaction terminal, they can be easily integrated with other retail-tech platforms and diverse software apps to provide a cloud-based system capable of driving other sales operations – all from the palm of your hand.

From CRM to inventory and stock management, they can help retail businesses to see further and work smarter – making them more efficient and able to deliver better experiences for their customers.

5 reasons retailers choose Android POS devices

  • Freedom and flexibility – the ability to deploy checkouts on demand from anywhere in store, at table or kerbside.
  • Consultative selling – not only can staff answer queries on the shop floor, with portable Android POS they can take a sale too.
  • Optimised floorspace – a handheld device doesn’t need counter space, so is ideal where space is at a premium, leaving more room for product and creating a more modern streamlined sales environment.
  • Driving sales – take sales to customers and instantly relocate mobile checkouts to areas of highest footfall to make the most of in-aisle promotions or special events in store.
  • Cheaper and easier installation/deployment – there is no complex hardware integration, expensive wired connections and many maintenance functions can be carried out remotely and at much lower cost.

What to think about before getting hands on with your mobile solution

Not all Android POS are built the same, they have different functionality, features and technical specs including memory capacity, processing power, batteries, connectivity, touch screens, etc. Here are some basic considerations when choosing the best device for your business:

  • Popular payment methods: ensure the device supports the best range of options for your target audience. These could include card and contactless payments, digital wallets, QR codes, BNPL and even real-time account-to-account payments.
  • Value added services: higher memory is needed for running multiple applications. So if you want to incorporate revenue boosting apps that offer loans, ads, promotions, loyalty, etc make sure your device has enough memory to do the job.
  • Speed, size and power: choose a powerful processor (CPU) for faster transactions. Opt for lightweight, portable devices – especially if staff need to be fully mobile – and ensure sufficient battery life for operational shifts to minimise swap outs and avoid disruption.
  • Internet connectivity: devices should offer multiple connectivity options such as 3G/4G LTR, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to ensure reliable internet access.
  • Security certification: select POS systems with the highest security certification, such as PCI PTS 6, to safeguard customer data with encryption keys and protect against tampering and malware.
  • Integration and real-time data: Android POS devices can be customised with third-party apps and extension for enhanced functionality. Ensure your POS can support multiple integrations and provide the real-time data you need to ensure better insight, efficiency and control.
  • Essential accessories: choose devices that support any necessary accessories vital for your use case – e.g. receipt printers, barcode and QR readers and even biometric scanners for added security.
  • Maintenance and updates: opt for devices that allow cloud-based maintenance, remote updates and security patches and come with robust manufacturer support, to keep you up and running especially during peak seasons.

Whatever your application, Castles has the perfect POS
As one of the first companies to develop Android-based POS payment terminals, Castles Technology has always been ahead of the game. Based on Android 10, our devices offer the most advanced processors, high performance memory, accessories, and easy integration.

Certified to PCI PTS 6 they are built with the latest security features to protect your business and customer data and are supported by our comprehensive customer services, and local technical experts. They are easy to customise and maintain, especially when teamed with our CasHUB cloud-based management platform that provides remote monitoring and maintenance of payment estates and access to our value-rich POS app marketplace.

Let us help you discover the best Android POS solution for your needs. Castles Technology, leading Android SmartPOS provider.





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