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What next-generation merchants are looking for at Money 2020 Europe

Stand 1F102

What next-generation merchants are looking for at Money 2020 Europe

This year’s Money 2020 Europe is set to be an electrifying event for the global fintech ecosystem. It’s also well attended by merchants eager to explore cutting edge innovations, gain valuable insights and connect with key partners to propel their business forward.

But what developments will be top of merchants’ Money 2020 agendas in 2024? Here are out top ten predictions:

  1. Cutting edge checkouts
    Merchants are hungry for POS innovation that cuts costs, boosts convenience and drives efficiency, this includes:

    • Low-cost POS alternatives: New options, like our PCIMPOC SoftPOS software that transforms smart devices into fully functioning POS systems.
    • Cloud-based solutions: Platforms, like Castle’s CasHUB marketplace and terminal management system that enrich services while reducing maintenance burden.
    • Unattended and mobile checkouts: Intelligent and interactive devices that streamline transactions and elevate the customer experience.
  2. Customer-centric enhancements
    Merchants are keen to discover new ways to gather and harness transactional data, using it to bridge knowledge gaps and employ hyper personalization strategies for more targeted and effective customer acquisition.
  3. Account to Account payments (A2A)
    New IPR legislation and the roll out of real-time payment rails means A2A payments are a hot topic. Offering improved liquidity, and reduced fees and chargebacks, it’s no surprise that EU merchants are eyeing up their future potential.
  4. Digital AI assistants
    Next generation digital assistants and conversational AI could unlock new online and offline experiences. These technologies are particularly promising for unattended kiosks and other self-service applications.
  5. Digital money and crypto currencies
    With digital and crypto currencies becoming more prevalent, merchants are eager to understand what the implications are for the future payments mix and their role in reducing transaction costs for cross-border commerce.
  6. AI and fraud prevention
    As fraud continues to rise, merchants are looking for innovative ways to combat it. AI is emerging as a powerful tool to beat fraudsters at their own game offering enhanced security measures that can protect both businesses and consumers.
  7. Embedded finance and loyalty apps
    Tools like these are essential for merchants looking to enhance consumer personal engagement and drive sales.
  8. Large language models (LLM)
    The buzz word of the year, LLM has the potential to transform digital strategies, by revolutionising web access. They could soon become the go to engine for personalised Internet content and shopping experiences.
  9. Ecosystem evolution
    AI, APIs and service marketplaces (such as CasHUB) are redefining the commerce experience offering customised POS solutions that integrate seamlessly into specific applications.
  10. Immersive experiences with Web3
    As the lines between online and offline commerce blur, merchants are exploring how bricks and clicks can transition to immersive experiences powered by Web3. This new frontier promises to bring unparalleled engagement and interactivity to the retail space.

Bringing it all together at the sales point

Importantly, physical and omni-channel merchants will be looking for POS hardware that can bring all this innovation together in next generation customer touch points. Solutions that can deliver today but that are also adaptable and future-ready to integrate new developments as they evolve.

At Castles Technology innovation is in our DNA. We offer world-leading solutions able to transform merchants’ operations and customer experiences – making them frictionless, efficient and fast. And the technical expertise to help merchants realise their ambitions.

Visit Castles Technology at Money 2020 Europe, 4 – 6 June at the RAI, Amsterdam, on stand 1F102 Take advantage of the opportunity to meet our unified Europe and LATAM team, engage in insightful discussions and get hands on with our exciting new services and solutions.
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