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Why Merchant Services Make Sense for UK Retailers?

From smart-shelf technology and endless aisles to real-time data analytics and immersive augmented experiences, the availability and use of retail tech has never been greater.

From smart-shelf technology and endless aisles to real-time data analytics and immersive augmented experiences, the availability and use of retail tech has never been greater.

Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than at the checkout. With everything from multimedia and biometrics to contactless and cloud-based apps, even the smallest portable Android POS devices have it all.

But how do British retailers begin to manage this level of POS functionality?

Integrating complex POS devices and ensuring checkout services are seamless, reliable and secure is challenging for any type and size of merchant – especially those with large estates, or who don’t have a dedicated IT department.

With so many touchpoints and so many payment methods – not to mention continuous security updates, mandates and changing regulation – it’s easy for instore staff and central tech functions to be overworked or overwhelmed.

That’s where Castles Technology comes in.

Not only does Castles Technology manufacture and supply the most innovative, cost-effective and secure POS devices, but we also support UK and Irish retailers with all the merchant managed services they need to stay ahead in increasingly competitive and ever-changing markets.

By managing terminals across their entire lifecycle – from order, delivery and encryption to updates, maintenance and end-of-life – Castles Technology frees retailers’ energy, investment, and resources to focus on what’s important – keeping customers happy and driving sales.

Efficient and cost effective, a managed POS service makes sense.

By sourcing your managed service direct from a POS provider like Castles Technology, you can consolidate your supply chain with one point of contact.

This keeps procurement and maintenance simple, prevents knowledge lags or gaps, and ensures you have access to the best solutions and processes for all your physical sales points.

And, by cutting out any unnecessary middlemen, you can reduce operational costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), to positively impact your bottom line.

What can you expect?
Castles Technology offers one of the most comprehensive Merchant Services and Terminal Management solutions available.

We provide access to automated systems, dedicated UK-based facilities, and a team that knows and understands merchants’ needs, to support your operations, POS products and systems every step of the way.

Helping to maintain the optimum health of your devices, we can reduce lifetime costs and keep your checkouts efficient and live even at scale. This removes anxiety around downtime – a big relief during holidays, gifting and festive seasons – so you never have to miss a sale.

Our support services include:

  • Help desk – multilingual support from experts is available 24/7 365
  • End-to-end logistics – track devices and keep them PCI compliant with a dedicated and secure UK terminal storage, configuration and dispatch facility.
  • Repairs and replacements – prevent disruption and interrupted business with a local UK repair facility, that makes warranty repairs and refurbishes devices and replaces and swaps out stock at no additional cost.
  • Project and technical support – whatever the size, sale or scope of your POS estate, whether it’s a new software roll out or upgrade programme, our professional team is there with comprehensive support.
  • Remote management tools – connected platforms benefit from a full suite of cloud services that manage terminal health, software customisation, value added services, content and reporting.

The Castles Technology Advantage

A key part of Castles Technology’s merchant services is CasHUB, our own proprietary cloud-service terminal management system for connected POS devices. This agnostic platform manages all your payment terminals remotely, offers security key management, and even lets you establish your own App store ecosystem and schedule curated content straight to the POS.

For retailers in fast paced and dynamic markets like the UK and Ireland, it aids quick decision-making and real-time strategies with diagnostics, analytics, reporting and customisation tools to manage full estates remotely and with the utmost efficiency. CashHUB supports any payment devices and can be implemented efficiently to meet your specific requirements, whether SaaS, API-based.

With our superior hardware, over-the-air services and on the ground support there’s no reason to make do with sub-optimum checkouts. With Castles Technologies you can unlock extra advantage for your retail business via greater efficiency and even better sales experiences.





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